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 Tōkai 2000 Chernobyl 1993-2010 Fukushima    2011 Fukushima 2013


Fukushima  2011

11 th. of March 2011, Japan. Earth Quake intensity 10
results a Tsunami and nuclear Desaster in Fukushima 

PHI Essences BV supports with Essences the water cleansing near Fukushima with T1 ® and Delph Essence.
PHI made a donation of about 2500  T1
®  Essences to Anti Radiation Projects for the people in Japan.

Mr. Andreas Korte and Mr. Hiroshi Tamai from Natureworld (December 2011)

Destroyed Areas Points of Activation

Results after Activation with T1 and Delph

Water cleansing result

the river at Fukushima, Iisaka-Onsen, next Furukawaya Hotel (same place)

7. December :  31  to 26 in one minute

8. Dcember : 23 to 17 in one minute

( 17 %  -  27 %  Down )
 Result after Wateractivation (Cleansing)

Essences for Cleansing Mr. Andreas Korte

Cleansing results

T1 and HLT ®

8. December 2011 at the Schoolhouse
of Seishonenkan Hall of Koriyama City

First application with measuring with Geiger counter

HLT ®  Holistic Light Treatment in Action

T1 - Anti-Radiation Essence  ®
This extraordinary essence has been elaborated to the desasted nuclear plant of Tschernobyl (russ.)
or Chernobyl (Ukrainian). Since 18 years we are researching this essence.

Essence information:
T 1 helps to alleviate the fear and negative impact of radiation
When to apply T 1 essence:
- after stay in radioactive contaminated areas
- after X ray treatments
- after Chimiotherapy

How does it work?
T 1 corresponds to the energetic frequency of radioactive substances BUT it can not take out or reduce radioactive nucleids from the human body, animals, food or water.

The T 1 - DELPH Treatment:

The T 1 - DELPH Treatment is like a refreshing "Light" shower. You feel more grounded and its like "sitting to a little waterfall"
- it helps to alleviate the fear and negative impact of radiation
- it makes you feel more relaxed and self confident
- it helps you to overcome your fears and your body energy becomes more balanced.

Animal treatment:

You can treat also the animals. Many pets and domestic animals have been left behind in Fukushima contamination area. So after first helping the people, Dr. Sugimoto and her group is now helping also the animals with essences for free.

Food / Water:
Also here T 1 cannot take out or reduce radioactive substances,
BUT the light shower T 1 - Delph Treatment raises the energetic vibration of the food and the water.

In general effects of the treatment:

- the body energy is increasing
- the person becomes more balanced (like the eneregetic body = our eneretic shield)
- the person feels more refreshed and clean
To remember:

FEAR is the worst thing that may happen. According to the observation of a medical doctor in Ukraine in Kiew. She recorded that after the nuclear desaster in Chernobyl those patients who have been very afraid of the situation were the first to get sick. Fear is a poison for the immune system.
T 1 Delph treatment helps you to balance.


Suggestion for use of T1:
NOTE: This exercise is best accomplished while sitting down and after removing your shoes. First, place the closed bottle of T1 essence between your bare feet so that each foot lightly touches the bottle. Next, take a closed bottle of Delph ® essence in either hand and hold it over your head.

Then, lightly swipe the Delph ®  essence bottle through your aura, from crown to feet. This may be repeated a few times. After several minutes a soft “tickling” sensation in the feet is sometimes felt. Remove the bottle and set it aside, then repeat the aura cleansing with the Delph T1  bottle again. The dolphin energy´s cleansing effect helps “rinse” after the T1 process. Please do not forget to clean the closed essence bottles after each treatment. (using light or positive thoughts etc.)
Also, always store the T1 bottle away from other energy essences.

-  Since 1991 we are working in the dolphin research
- 18 years research work in Chernobyl / Ukraine

        The T1 Anti-Radiation-Essence ® and the Delph ® Essence, Photo: Andreas Korte

             In the second step we offer the Holistic Light Treatment, HLT ® with Nature World Corp., Japan

Holistic Light Treatment (HLT) ®
      Patent: Nr. 10 2010 033 046.9
Description of the patent protected Holistic Light Therapy HLT ®

The newly developed procedure represents a combination of light-, colour- and essences and music therapies, that either can be joined to the already existing institutions or entirely new houses could be created according to the treatment requirements.

-    The effect has been scientifically verified by the Institut for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart, Germany, (Dr. Haffelder). This procedure not only has an effect on our light body (aura), it is also absorbed by the skin. 
Today it is scientifically proven that the cells communicate amongst each other via light impulses.

-     This treatment strengstens the person’s self-esteem, balances his energies. 

     Through this anxiety can disappear and impulses of self-healing may be activated.

-   The Delph Luminarium is the small version of HLT ® consisting of the Delph slide and essence.
     This dolphin light field is created, analog to the dolphin therapy. Very good for treating hyperactive children.

The advantage of this therapy
A new method of treatment with light, color and sound information combined with essences.
The human is being in the centre of attention. He should recognize himself again as part of nature and activate the possibilities of self-healing.
HLT ® Set:

- 240 Kirlian-Slides from the Essences

- 1 CD

- The authorization (Patent Protected)

HLT Delph Luminarium ® Set:

- 1 Delph Kirlian Slide

- 1 Delph Spray

- 1 Delph ® Essence 30 ml

More Informations:

 Tōkai 2000 Chernobyl 1993-2010 Fukushima    2011 Fukushima 2013


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